Weekly Photo Challenge – Resilient


That come before the swallow dares, and take 

The winds of March with beauty…

William Shakespeare, “The Winter’s Tale” 

Daffodils in the snow, Weston CT April 3, 2016



Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge Week 26 – 2015 Flip Flop Flower Pot Stands




Stopping by the supermarket yesterday I breezed past the various outdoor flowers and plants ubiquitous this time of year. My eyes fell upon a lovely, light pink rose-bush which I imagined would look pretty on my doorstep but it was the new item “standing” next to it that caused me to pause.  Flip Flop planters! Three words immediately came to mind “Cee’s Oddball Challenge.” This strange yet captivating piece bore a resemblance to something in my past that I could not immediately conjure. After a few laps around the market the memory materialized.  The leg lamp.  It reminded me of that one-of a kind, leg lamp from the classic holiday movie “A Christmas Story” which the father won in a contest and prominently displayed in his living room window. Passing the whimsical planters once again on my way out of the store,  I silently commended the artist on his/her creativity inaward   the matching pedicure polish…

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2015 Week 26

Weekly Photo Challenge – “On The Way”

On the way down the front porch steps to fetch the morning paper  I encounter a trail of pink petals, damp, fragrant and delicate. Compliments of our kindly dogwood tree, unable to hold onto their fleeting beauty during a fierce wind storm the night before.