Weekly photo challenge “Name”

Gloria I spotted this abandoned boat yesterday morning, moored on a small creek in Westport, CT.  A name displayed on the bow was carefully written in simple block letters…GLORIA.  Captivating in its stillness with not a soul in sight, it instilled a feeling of both peace and melancholy.   Returning home I researched to discover the boat was owned by a gentleman who lived his entire lifeContinue reading “Weekly photo challenge “Name””

The Intricacy of Tying Flies

My husband was first introduced to the sport of fly-fishing as a boy while visiting his aunt at the fittingly named “Trout Club.” From the moment he first cast, he was hooked.  I never tire of watching him as the line weaves back and forth in flight, landing effortlessly on the water, mimicking a mayContinue reading “The Intricacy of Tying Flies”

Gone Fishin – Daily Post Photo Challenge “Reward”

https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/reward/ There is nothing quite like the feeling of catching your first fish as displayed in my son’s expression. Feeling that little tug and then the exhilaration of reeling it in is indeed a great reward.  This little fish was released after our quick photo op.