Screwdriver Parties Part II

Originally posted on Shangri-La:
Me with my old boss and friend, Jim Cappello October 18, 2021 Thirty-four years ago, I was hired as an Advertising Sales Assistant to a man named Jim Cappello. We worked selling advertising for a publishing company located in midtown Manhattan. I can still envision our sparse office located in that…



Derived from Gaelic, meaning “Stoney place” the views of the Burren, located in West County Clare, Ireland, are truly out of this world and are often described as similar to a moonscape.  I had the good fortune to visit the area this summer and although windy, dark and rainy, it only added to the appeal…Continue reading “THE BURREN”

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge “Green”

  “How sweetly lies old Ireland, Emerald green beyond the foam, awakening sweet memories, calling the heart back home.” This challenge proposed a challenge for me having just returned from a one week jaunt in  Ireland, my mother’s homeland and the magical country often referred to as “a thousand shades of green.”  The many photographs I took displayedContinue reading “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge “Green””

A Dapper Donkey

On a recent trip to Ireland I found the very best days involved driving aimlessly through small towns and villages, up and down winding country roads, never knowing what sights await. On one such occasion, somewhere in County Mayo,  I spotted this donkey standing at the side of the road, his steady and placid gaze beckoning me to pull over.  IContinue reading “A Dapper Donkey”