Nuns at the Colosseum

On my honeymoon, over thirty years ago, we visited the timeless and breathtaking Colosseum in Rome. Quite by chance, I came upon these three nuns, clad in pristine white habit who too were enjoying a day of sightseeing. I snapped this candid photograph which I still recall with fondness at each and every viewing. AlsoContinue reading “Nuns at the Colosseum”


Nature’s Door

“Not knowing when the dawn will come I open every door.” Emily Dickinson We visited the Amalfi Coast on our honeymoon twenty-five years ago.  One distinct memory was the colorful tiles which hung aside the front door of each hillside dwelling displaying the home’s number.  Each different in theme and no doubt chosen to reflect the personality of the resident.  TheContinue reading “Nature’s Door”