Please Mom, May I’ve Some More?

My mother, a splendid cook and never one for following a recipe, on Sundays only, always prepared a roast. Whether it was the traditional roast beef or a succulent loin of pork I recall the aroma as if it were yesterday. The evening always began pleasantly, peacefully, as my family sat around the dining roomContinue reading “Please Mom, May I’ve Some More?”

Nuns at the Colosseum

On my honeymoon, over thirty years ago, we visited the timeless and breathtaking Colosseum in Rome. Quite by chance, I came upon these three nuns, clad in pristine white habit who too were enjoying a day of sightseeing. I snapped this candid photograph which I still recall with fondness at each and every viewing. AlsoContinue reading “Nuns at the Colosseum”

Memories of Howard Johnson’s Takeout Counter

One of my very favorite memories of working in New York City was a ritual I enjoyed each morning before the onset of my work day. Tucked neatly away in a corner of my office building lay a parallel universe of culinary delight known as Howard Johnson’s. Famous for its orange roof, fried clams andContinue reading “Memories of Howard Johnson’s Takeout Counter”

A Thousand Welcomes

On a certain section of the Connecticut Post Road in a town called Westport, a row of neat but nondescript stores sit quietly amid the frenzy of traffic and rhythm of life. One storefront stands out. An Irish flag positioned aside an American one guards the entrance and on certain days if the breeze fromContinue reading “A Thousand Welcomes”

Memories of a Popover Girl

My father always instilled a strong work ethic in me and my three sisters.  I never lacked for a job whether it be putting on a marionette show for a birthday party when I was twelve or waitressing at Rosie O’Grady’s in New York City during college break.  My fourteen year old son recently asked me for some ideasContinue reading “Memories of a Popover Girl”