Daily Post Photo Challenge “Fun”

“If You Never Did You Should.

These Things Are Fun,

And Fun Is Good.”

Dr. Seuss


Tubing on the Connecticut River




Letters to the Tooth Fairy

tooth fairyI have two sons whose personalities are as different as the seasons.  The younger at age fourteen, is tow-haired, blue-eyed, sensitive,  free-spirited, emotional, empathetic and kind. The elder, at sixteen, is dark in coloring, taciturn,  responsible, diplomatic, witty and charming.  The younger enjoys exotic and spicy cuisine – the elder prefers a more conventional menu.  I can’t think of anything I did differently in raising them, so chalk their differences up to genetics.  Recently, while cleaning out a toy closet,  I came across two letters both penned by my sons and more interestingly, both addressed to the tooth fairy.  In between the lines of their childish scrawl written so many moons ago, their personalities once again are evident.  One airs on the side of sentimental, the other strictly capitalist in tone.  Can you guess who is who?


WPC – “Spare” – The Lonely Sweater

Spare (Defined) “Not currently in use; in reserve”

Glancing in the window of a recently closed children’s consignment shop, I spotted this tiny, orange sweater hanging forlornly in the now abandoned store front.  I pondered why this one vibrant item adorned with teddy bears, remained.  Perhaps a testament to a dream that was not to be or more simply that the sweater was left in haste?  I like to interpret it as a statement of fortitude left behind from the proprietor.   A symbol that whatever the future brings, he or she will survive.     I shall leave the interpretation to you gentle readers, but this melancholy image brought to mind the word spare for this week’s challenge.   




WPC – Harmony – a boy and his dog

“You ask of my companions. Hills, sir, and the sundown, and a dog as large as myself that my father bought me. They are better than human beings, because they know but do not tell.”  Emily Dickinson



WPC “Circle” – Paper Plate of Positive Traits


The instructions were simple, even for a first grader.circle

“Write one nice thing about your classmate on his/her paper plate.” The plates were distributed to the children on the last day of school to take home as a memento of the year.

This simple but lovely exercise always touched me, particularly the heartfelt but honest sentiments scrawled by the children.  One phrase that appears several times for my son was “You are so nice to me!”

I loved that compliment. So easy to do and clearly too so very much appreciated.  After all, who doesn’t like to hear something positive about yourself?

I found this paper plate tucked away in a closet yesterday and thought it perfect for this week’s challenge. Find something positive in someone today, even if you have to dig a little. You may receive the compliment in return. Full circle.



Daily Post Photo Challenge – Blur


For my fiftieth birthday, my husband planned a small get together in the city with six of our closest friends. We started the night out at a mixology bar with an outdoor garden then stayed overnight at The Inn At Irving Place, a true oasis in the lovely Gramercy Park neighborhood of Manhattan.  The next morning, I snapped this photo from the window of my taxi as we pulled away. The trees were captured in a blur, much like the fleeting night – but I still love this photograph for the memory of my celebration and the beauty of my favorite city neighborhood.


Nothing quite like the fun of “Extreme Dodge ball” among brothers, played at an indoor gym/trampoline park. That is, until someone gets hit with just a little too much force.


                                              A forward somersault executed “en blur”



Gone Fishin – Daily Post Photo Challenge “Reward”


There is nothing quite like the feeling of catching your first fish as displayed in my son’s expression. Feeling that little tug and then the exhilaration of reeling it in is indeed a great reward.  This little fish was released after our quick photo op.fish

Daily Post Challenge – “Scale”

I discovered our Toy Fox Terrier one morning perched on this side table. I had to do a double take as at first glance, I thought she was a statue.
A tiny tree frog perched on finger-tip.
My daring son going down “Leap of Faith” (indeed) at Atlantis Resort Bahamas.