Christmas Eve at Compo Beach

After a hectic day of last-minute shopping on Christmas Eve, I decided to take a detour home and stop at the beach for a few moments of refuge.   My late father always loved the seashore and being there always gives me a sense of his presence.  It is therapeutic in so many ways and  I am fortunate to live in a town that is a stone’s throw from the water.  As I drove down the local road in route I noticed the sky was gray and lifeless though I did not have viewing a sunset in mind on this particular evening.  But rounding the corner as I approached the shore, I gazed in disbelief at a setting sun which suddenly appeared to illuminate the clouds in purple, pink and orange hues.  I jumped out of my car, ran through the sand as close to the water’s edge as I could stand and snapped this photo. The clouds were a color I have never witnessed before and the beach was deserted sans one man donning a Santa hat, who stood beside me equally mesmerized.  Onworldly is a word that comes to mind. There was also something so absolutely invigorating about standing on the beach at that moment in time on Christmas Eve as the frigid wind whipped and the carefree seagulls soared, witnessing this magical sky.  I believe my father’s spirit right there with me.   Happy New Year to all!compo

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