Weekly photo challenge “Name”


I spotted this abandoned boat yesterday morning, moored on a small creek in Westport, CT.  A name displayed on the bow was carefully written in simple block letters…GLORIA.  Captivating in its stillness with not a soul in sight, it instilled a feeling of both peace and melancholy.   Returning home I researched to discover the boat was owned by a gentleman who lived his entire life in Westport and worked as an oyster fisherman aboard the vessel. The boat was both his work and home, when weather permitted.  “Gloria” was the name of an old girlfriend who clearly left a mark on his heart.  He passed away recently yet the barge remains, a testament to earlier days and a time long gone.  This past Christmas, an unknown angel strung festive lights on the boat in memory of the late fisherman. It must have been a beautiful sight. I wonder if Gloria ever knew she was his muse?img_2682



2 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge “Name”

  1. Excellent choice. It seems a lot of folks went with any old sign for this challenge, but a boat name… those always get me thinking about the story behind the name. Thanks for sharing this one’s story.


    1. I can’t tell you how much this comments means to me. It was the last day of the “name” photo challenge and I don’t usually post so late but I took that shot of boat that very morning and was fascinated by the mystery of Glory. When I looked it up and found she was the owner’s old girlfriend, thought her name in tribute was too perfect to pass up. It was almost as if Gloria steered me to the challenge! Have a great day!

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