7 thoughts on “Daily Post “Rare”

  1. I have been working in Cold Spring Harbor this summer and I pass by the most picturesque pond surrounded by weeping willows and lily pads and I assume that many artists must have set up their easels by that pons. It is all so green and since childhood I have always been delighted to see goldfish or sunfish and tadpoles or frogs, the wading egrets and all the gang 🙂


    1. John, might you build such a magical pond at your home if landscape allows? I believe you are quite handy and a fun project as such may benefit your psyche. You could stock with tiny frogs!!! Perhaps you too would be inspired by its soothing and serene presence? Your mother too may enjoy it for therapeutic reasons as well as its natural beauty🐸 And throw in a few water lilies for good measure.

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