Letters to the Tooth Fairy

tooth fairyI have two sons whose personalities are as different as the seasons.  The younger at age fourteen, is tow-haired, blue-eyed, sensitive,  free-spirited, emotional, empathetic and kind. The elder, at sixteen, is dark in coloring, taciturn,  responsible, diplomatic, witty and charming.  The younger enjoys exotic and spicy cuisine – the elder prefers a more conventional menu.  I can’t think of anything I did differently in raising them, so chalk their differences up to genetics.  Recently, while cleaning out a toy closet,  I came across two letters both penned by my sons and more interestingly, both addressed to the tooth fairy.  In between the lines of their childish scrawl written so many moons ago, their personalities once again are evident.  One airs on the side of sentimental, the other strictly capitalist in tone.  Can you guess who is who?


Published by Kathy Simmons

I am an ex New Yorker who still misses the vibrancy of the city. I seek out the humor in every day life and relay it through my stories in the hope others will appreciate as well. I love to write about growing up with my fantastically unique Irish mother whose memory inspires me every day. Although she is no longer with us, her antics are an endless staple for my tales. I currently live in Connecticut with my husband, two sons and toy fox terrier Anabel.

5 thoughts on “Letters to the Tooth Fairy

  1. Loved the two letters – and my my my are they different –
    And you know – my boys are opposite and so reading this is another reminder of the nature nurture combo – so much nature- genetics that really is humbling – ha!
    They are god’s kids first –

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  2. Love this. I have 2 girls, and they could not be any more different. Sometimes it’s hard to believe the way siblings behave they re raised in the same household.


  3. Hello, I happened upon your blog and this post via the Daily Post challenges of past weeks. I really liked this entry and I wanted to just let you know from one mother of 3 different sons to a mother of sons herself. Great post and even when they grow older (mine are all grown up) the differences between them are vast as well as the similarities are very much there too! Have you noticed that they are alike to in many ways? Ahhhh a mother and her sons! Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thanks Annette! I was one of four girls so having two boys is quite the departure. Both are different as per my story but have their unique strengths and weaknesses and I am happy to say nice boys who yes, are also very alike as well. I wrote a story on my blog regarding my father growing up in a home of all women. “In The company of Women” which you may enjoy. Have a great day.

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