Daily Post “Curve”

“In life as in art, the beautiful moves in curves…”

Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton

The Allure of the Ferris Wheel at Night…Memorial Day Fair Weston CT 2016





Published by Kathy Simmons

I am an ex New Yorker who still misses the vibrancy of the city. I seek out the humor in every day life and relay it through my stories in the hope others will appreciate as well. I love to write about growing up with my fantastically unique Irish mother whose memory inspires me every day. Although she is no longer with us, her antics are an endless staple for my tales. I currently live in Connecticut with my husband, two sons and toy fox terrier Anabel.

11 thoughts on “Daily Post “Curve”

  1. Great color. It’s the epitome of summer, the ferris wheel. Thanks for stopping by friendlyfairytales. I like the whimsy of fairies and magic, too. I’ve always loved fairy tales and the unexpected twists storytelling can take. Have a wonderful week!

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