WPC – “Spare” – The Lonely Sweater

Spare (Defined) “Not currently in use; in reserve”

Glancing in the window of a recently closed children’s consignment shop, I spotted this tiny, orange sweater hanging forlornly in the now abandoned store front.  I pondered why this one vibrant item adorned with teddy bears, remained.  Perhaps a testament to a dream that was not to be or more simply that the sweater was left in haste?  I like to interpret it as a statement of fortitude left behind from the proprietor.   A symbol that whatever the future brings, he or she will survive.     I shall leave the interpretation to you gentle readers, but this melancholy image brought to mind the word spare for this week’s challenge.   





17 thoughts on “WPC – “Spare” – The Lonely Sweater

    1. Tom, the still empty store is next to our favorite Thai restaurant. Each subsequent visit (now almost a year later) I am certain that this time, the sweater will be gone, but alas it still remains! Yes, can’t imagine it was left in haste. Thanks for comment and hope all well.

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  1. Wow, nice photo for this challenge…so organized, neat and clean but one thing hanging meets this weeks challenge…thanks for coming over to my blog, ~Jackie

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