Weekly Photo Challenge – “On The Way”

On the way down the front porch steps to fetch the morning paper  I encounter a trail of pink petals, damp, fragrant and delicate. Compliments of our kindly dogwood tree, unable to hold onto their fleeting beauty during a fierce wind storm the night before.





Published by Kathy Simmons

I am an ex New Yorker who still misses the vibrancy of the city. I seek out the humor in every day life and relay it through my stories in the hope others will appreciate as well. I love to write about growing up with my fantastically unique Irish mother whose memory inspires me every day. Although she is no longer with us, her antics are an endless staple for my tales. I currently live in Connecticut with my husband, two sons and toy fox terrier Anabel.

15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – “On The Way”

  1. I once left my home in Australia and lived in your country for a few years. A portion of that time was spent in WV, and your second photo reminds me of a walk I would often make with my basset hound. She loved to smell the grass and anything else that took her fancy. Thanks for reviving some old memories with your post. All the best from Brisbane, Australia.

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  2. wonderful take for the on the way wpc! and the flowers from the dogwood – well I call that such a “pretty mess” and I love when some plants do this – what a nice treat it must have been to see this :0 and the path to soccer is so serene. 🙂

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  3. So nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by and Liking my “On the Way” photo and poem. Am relatively new to this blogging world (since March) and very new to writing poetry (February) and letting my creative voice out — well, truth be told, didn’t really know I had a creative voice in terms of writing! So — in my rejuvenatement period — here I am! Out there! 🙂 I especially like the Return Policy indigenous to this blogging world — as in a Like comes in and I can then go meet the person and most of the time, I find them fascinating, meander their site and learn and enjoy!
    This is a beautiful photo — you mention feeling like Alice in Wonderland….a blushing new bride walking down the rose petal strewn aisle also came to mind 🙂
    And oh how I loved your Mother’s Day tribute to your mom! Simplicity — have what we need — just the idea of not having to dust a million knick knacks is a plus, right? I also love the vibrant and simplistic photo you’ve posted with the story. If you look back at my site, and go to the Cherished series, you’ll find a poem about a Frame….it’s about my mother’s unfulfilled dream….that she always kept. Isn’t there a book or a movie called Hold Fast to Your Dreams? 🙂
    So — nice to meet you….definitely will follow. Love your writing and your photos.
    Meander by again — I usually chat with folks over my morning cup of coffee but happen to be looking tonight over a relaxing glass of wine! 🙂
    happy day!


    1. Lillian, thank you so much for reading my stories and your wonderful comments. I stopped by your blog briefly and was so impressed with your background. And now, you have reinvented yourself as a talented poet. I have to say I was so struck by the loss of your brother. The photo of you two with your fresh faces as children really moved me. I am incredibly close to my three sisters and cannot imagine losing one. I lost my best friend a year and a half ago suddenly from Acute Pancreatis. (I don’t know how to spell and am too lazy to look up.) We were having coffee one day then the next she was rushed to ER and gone! Never sick a day in her life and left husband and two teenage girls. I wrote about her in a short story called “Amazing Grace” on my blog. If you have a moment, you may enjoy. https://nynkblog.wordpress.com/2015/02/09/amazing-grace-2/ I am so happy to have met you and look forward to more exchanges 🙂 I am enjoying my wine right now.

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