Daily Post Photo Challenge Motion

camelEgypt? No, New Jersey. While driving to my son’s dive meet one morning on the hectic and well-traveled Jersey Turnpike,  I nonchalantly glanced to my right and saw this incredible beast being transported in a trailer, its woolly locks blowing in the wind.  The creature and I made eye contact and my heart ached to think it might be heading for a circus or some other place far the opposite of greener pastures.  Snapping this photo through my car window I said a little prayer that the camel was en route to a lovely farm somewhere far from here, where it would recover from its journey in a shaded field.


Poetry in Motion – Waterfall


On the count of three…


Motion in action



17 thoughts on “Daily Post Photo Challenge Motion

    1. Good morning from Connecticut Li! The beast is a camel very uncommon to our area. Great visual description of warriors riding! though I have never seen Star Wars . Have nice day.


      1. And I applaud YOU as swim meets much more lengthy than dive although the dive meets often involve both Sat and Sunday (1 meter board one day, 3 meter second). Both my boys swim in the summer but at our pool’s local meets which are much less chaos and enjoyable than the competitive venues. A great sport!


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