Gone Fishin – Daily Post Photo Challenge “Reward”


There is nothing quite like the feeling of catching your first fish as displayed in my son’s expression. Feeling that little tug and then the exhilaration of reeling it in is indeed a great reward.  This little fish was released after our quick photo op.fish

16 thoughts on “Gone Fishin – Daily Post Photo Challenge “Reward”

    1. Thank you Jerry. We sadly no longer live in that house but the pond in back was the absolute most idealic place imaginable for two boys. I won’t even mention the frogs! because that is a whole other story and another great pastime they enjoyed. Thanks for commenting.

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  1. I don’t remember my first fish, but I do remember my dad teaching me and all the trips we used to take. Great memory shot. Thanks for sharing this special moment.


    1. Glad I was able to bring back this memory for you Jim! My father instilled this love of fishing in myself and three sisters and always took us to the town dock near our house. I loved it and was pleased we released the fish as well. My husband and sons fly fish in Vermont. Thank you for comment 🙂

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    1. Thank you Gale, he sure was! My father used to take me and my three sisters fishing at a town dock near our house. I always loved the feeling of that little pull. My husband is a fly-fisherman, a beautiful sport he is trying to also teach to our sons. I cannot get hang of it but love to watch. Thank you for comment!

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  2. This sparked a memory–
    My dad was looking forward to having a son before I was born, a name chosen & everything–but he got me instead. No matter, he did Guy Stuff with me anyway. I had my own set of Handy-Andy tools –smaller saw, hammer, etc in a metal case.
    But the first thing ws that I had my own fishing rod & reel, sized down for a child. There is a photo of my 6 yr old self in a bathing suit & braids, holding my first trout. . .haha


      1. yes, ‘In the Company..’ was the first thing I read on your site the other day when we were talking about dads–loved it


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